Oil Drilling Information

Our aim is to provide you with information about Oil Drilling, offshore oil drilling, oil rig jobs and much more. Whether you are looking to do a school project, look into a career in Oil drilling, working on an oil rig or want to check up on the “latest” then you have landed on the right site. Please feel free to view some of our favorite articles regarding Oil Drilling Below.

Oil Drilling Companies

We have a brief overview of some different oil companies that you may find interesting. We have a view to add more information on each company, and add more companies. In the coming weeks we hope to have a detailed report on several different oil companies across the world. Read about Fox Oil Drilling here.

Offshore Drilling Jobs

This page describes some different career options available to people looking for offshore oil jobs. Although some of the job descriptions are listed in this page (offshore oil drilling jobs) you may find that the work may be transferable to mainland oil drilling positions.

The Pros and Cons of Offshore Oil Drilling.

This topic arises so often it is almost unbelievable. I have included my opinions on the subject and have included the positives of offshore oil drilling and the negatives of offshore oil drilling. I will be adding more detail to these pages when i have the time, and will leave the comments section open so you can post your opinions if you feel it is necessary.

Deep Water Oil Drilling

The new “trend” so to speak is deep water oil drilling, and it is an interesting and exciting subject. It costs more, and there is a bigger risk to the environment, but it opens up more avenues and should increase the amount of oil we find. Exploration is a big part of it, and the logistics can be a nightmare, but it is certainly rewarding. This article does not discuss arctic oil drilling, but you can read about it by clicking the link.

BP Oil Spill Facts

Read our article about the devastating effects along with a few of the lesser known facts about the BP oil spill of 2013. This turned out to be one of our most successful articles on this website.

Pros and Cons of Working on an Oil Drilling Rig

If you have ever considered working on an offshore oil rig you must read our article about the good things and the bad things about working offshore either on an oceanic oil rig or away form your home.