Offshore Oil Drilling Jobs

Lots of people want offshore oil drilling jobs, either because they know someone that does it or they want to earn money. But there are loads of different roles when it comes to working offshore on an oil rig! I have taken the time to list below, with job descriptions, different roles of offshore oil drilling jobs.

Drilling Worker

A drilling worker is what most people start out at, as it requires the least amount of qualifications out of all offshore oil drilling jobs. The work is extremely manual, and you will have to be able to follow orders very well. You may also have to give orders if you are promoted to a team leader. The starting salary is roughly one thousand a month, which is quite a lot, considering you only spend half of the year working. Typically, you will stay on the oil rig for two or three weeks and then have another two or three weeks off. It sounds nice, but it can get chaotic and causes stress for a lot of people.

Domestic Jobs

Because of the nature of offshore oil rig work, eg. you live there, Oil Drilling Companies will need cleaners, chefs, dishwasher etc. These are the “easiest” offshore oil rig jobs to get, but  don’t pay as much as other jobs.


The driller is the team leader, and manages a team of engineers, and oversees the drilling on the oil rig.


Oil Rig ToolpusherTool pushers are in charge of keeping all equipment and tools in order on an oil rig, but they will sometime be required to do additional admin work, such as payroll and benefits for the oil rig workers.

Those job positions listed above are among the easiest positions to get, but there are hundreds of different roles available when it comes to offshore oil drilling jobs. You can view the vast amount of jobs and oil drilling companies hiring at Because oil is always in such high demand, it isn’t hard to find oil drilling companies hiring regularly but the majority of the job listings require previous experience, and getting work experience on an offshore oil rig just does not happen. It is rumored that all major oil drilling companies are hiring constantly, but they never receive enough resumes to fill all the spots, but they won’t risk their reputation by lowering their standards. A rumor that an offshore oil drilling company that was employing under qualified people, could cost them a $600m contract, so they just won’t take the risk.

If you are actively trying to pursue a career in the oil industry, you will need to do a lot of research into it before you dive into anything. If you are looking for an offshore oil drilling job, be sure to make sure you are happy with living on an oil rig in the ocean for weeks at a time. The money is great, but you need to make sacrifices.