Oil Rig Jobs No Experience

It’s actually super easy to get a job on the rigs with no prior experience, even if you have only found adverts that state you must have prior experience. Oil Rig Jobs that require no experience are actually pretty easy to come by if you know where to look.

For many people, working on an oil rig is a job that they would love.A lot of people think that you cant get into that job market without experience, but there are plenty of oil rig jobs with no experience required.

One such oil rig job – no experience is a Roustabout. Now the job description for a roustabout is basically a slave. Ok, that is an exaggeration, but you will be required to do all the hard tasks, such as moving equipment, keeping the deck clean, and doing just about anything the “Roughneck” crew tell you to do.

It is a good place to start if you want to work on an oil rig job with no experience, and after one or two years of proving yourself a good worker, you will get promoted to the roughnecks, where you can earn a salary of $80k and upwards, which is extremely good, especially as you started with no experience and from the bottom so to speak.

oil rig job no experienceThere are exceptions to every “rule” however, and if you want to easily get an oil rig job with no experience, and you “know someone” it’s usually quite easy to get that foot in the door and rise through the ranks.

Another easy way to get a job on an oil rig with no experience, is to have some kind of transferable skill, that is useful as well on an oil rig. You can get a job as a welder, electrician, mechanic etc on an oil rig with no experience, and can even make above £100k per year with these kinds of transferable skills.

So hope is not lost for you! You can easily obtain oil rig jobs with no experience, you don’t have to be some super intelligent, college educated guy to work on an oil rig in some cases. Best of luck on your search for oil rig jobs no experience.