Careers in Oil & Gas

Oil rig jobs pay very well, even if you have no experience in the beginning. There are many entry-level opportunities as well as for professionals.┬áThe U.S. has become the biggest … Read more

Oil Field Truck Driving Jobs

oil field truck driving jobs

Truck Driver Salary How much does a truck driver make? That can depend on many things including: location, employer, CDL class/endorsements, and type of freight you are hauling. Types of … Read more

What is a Landman?

Oil & Gas Landman There are many responsibilities for a landman. In large companies or corporations these positions can be very specialized. However, in general the duties of a landman … Read more

Underwater Welding Jobs

underwater welding

  Underwater Welding Underwater welding requires that the welder combine welding skills with commercial diving and some other qualifications in order to fully perform his/her job which can sometimes be … Read more

Life on an Oil Rig

Life on an oil rig

Oil and gas reserves are found in a variety of locations from deep sea wells, grasslands and forested areas, to deserts and arctic tundras. Reserves explored or produced at sea … Read more