Antares Energy

Antares Energy Limited explores for, develops, and produces oil and gas in Permian Basin of west Texas, the United States. Its principal properties include the Northern Star project located in … Read more

Cactus Drilling

Cactus Drilling is the largest U.S. private drilling company. They have more than 60 rigs in their fleet and operate primarily in Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana. Cactus Drilling has a … Read more

Frontier Drilling

Frontier Drilling was started in 2005 by Mac McAlister. With 28 active rigs in operation, Frontier has contracts in the following states: Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota, Utah, … Read more

Pacific Drilling

Pacific Drilling Oil Drilling Company         Pacific Drilling specialize in ultra deep sea oil drilling operations, and over the last 5 years they have grown to a … Read more

Noble Corp

Noble Corporation formerly known as Noble Drilling, is a 96 year old Oil drilling company! As their website states, not many companies can claim that milestone. To try and give … Read more

Unit Drilling

Unit Drilling is a drilling company owned by Unit Corporation.   Unit Drilling had a very modest beginning, founding in 1963 with just three oil rigs! As of 2014, they … Read more

Fox Oil Drilling

Fox Oil Drilling Company Fox Oil Drilling Company is involved in oil exploration and contract drilling. They are seen as a rising star in the oil industry, and own an … Read more