13 Tips To Getting An Oil Drilling Job In Dubai

For a very long time, Dubai oil jobs have been an attraction to many youngsters. Oil jobs include directional drillers, fabrication supervisors, geotechnical engineers, engine assembly technicians, estimators, fore-engineers and many others. Now, to the core question: how to get an oil job in Dubai

Prepare For The Job Hunt

Prepare your CV to match to the job you are planning to join. If any additional course or certification would give a distinctive edge for your CV, do not think twice to take up that course. Remember that there are many other people who are wondering how to get an oil job in Dubai? Thus, it is up to your CV, to project you differently. 

Look For Channels

Start your networking by contacting companies and recruitment agencies. Make sure that you choose the right agencies. Surf the internet to know the basic proof and documents, an agent must have to prove that he is legitimate. Apply in job portals that focus only on Dubai or oil jobs or other related niche job sites.

Your Interview Strategy

The question, how to get an oil job in Dubai, does not end in getting an interview call. Most of the companies prefer voice or video call. Make sure to crack the interview so that you would end up in your dream job.

  1. Be ready with a pen or pencil, paper and a calculator.
  2. Write down about the company and about you like, answers to ‘tell me about yourself/ company’, ‘why do you want to join our company?’ and ‘why should we choose you’.
  3. Prepare your list of questions to ask the interviewer
  4. Smile politely, while communicating
  5. Do not chew gum, eat, drink or smoke while talking to the interviewer.
  6. Have a firm voice and avoid non-lexical words like hmm, err and ah.
  7. Do not let the interviewer repeat any question or sentence.
  8. Do not answer any question in one word like, yes or no.
  9. Your facial expression cannot be seen by him so even a few seconds of silence is a big dead gap.
  10. Do not interrupt while the interviewer is talking.
  11. While undergoing video interview, make sure you are dressed properly and the background of your room seen in the monitor looks decent enough.
  12. While ending a telephone or video interview call, explain your affirmation in taking up the job and your interest in the company and the job profile. Finally, thank him for spending his time to listening to him.
  13. Reconfirm his name and get a contact number for future references.
How To Get A Job in Dubai?

This question is in the minds of thousands of people. Given the compensation, the living style and the job, the Dubai oil jobs are highly competitive. Know which category of oil job you are interested in and move towards it. Whenever the opportunity strikes, make sure to use it properly. If you miss out, do not worry. There are thousands of people worrying how to get an oil job in Dubai and many companies in Dubai are looking for candidates.

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