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Unit Drilling

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Unit Drilling is a drilling company owned by Unit Corporation.


Unit Drilling had a very modest beginning, founding in 1963 with just three oil rigs! As of 2014, they have over 120 operational onshore drilling rigs.

Unit Drilling

Unit Drilling Company Jobs

Unit Drilling are extremely popular in oil drilling job seeker communities, as they seem to be constantly hiring. The company is very prosperous, so you can easily start a lifelong career with Unit Drilling. Because the jobs at Unit Drilling are highly sought after, you will be expected to be up to the job. If there are positions available, or when they come up, Unit Drilling will contact you for an interview if you have filled in the application form correctly. If you pass the interview, then you will have to undertake a drugs test, and also a physical examination.

Facts About Unit Drilling

Sometimes when you are applying for a job, and you get an interview, the interviewer will sometimes ask some obscure questions about the company. Knowing factoids about Unit Drilling may help you if you get an interview.


Where Most Of Unit Drilling Rigs Are Operating.

  • 32 in the Mid Continent Division
  • 31 in the Rocky Mountain Division
  • 27 in the Panhandle Division
  • 16 in the Woodward Division
  • 12 in the Gulf Coast Division



About Unit Drilling

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